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On behalf of our customers, we constantly challenge ourselves to be better. Read interesting success stories by satisfied customers from diverse industries with differing needs here. 

ZAK Energie GmbH

“Placing them 50-60m apart is not a problem. I’d really prefer not to hand back the system.” 

Sector: Environmental Technology

Use: Guided tours 

Product: TOM-Audio TG-100

ProRheno AG

“You have to be honest: more functionality for less money. The dialogue function is a useful feature, particularly for school classes” 

Sector: Waste water technology

Use: Guided tours 

Product: TOM-Audio TG-101

Maestrani Schweizer Schokoladen AG

“The light weight and audio quality are impressive. And the microphone sounds much better now.” 

Sector: Food industry

Use: Guided tours

Product: TOM-Audio TG-100

Mittwald CM Service

“Finally, I can speak to customers at a normal volume without having to shout.” 

Sector: Web hosting

Use: Guided tours 

Product: TOM-Audio TG-101

OD-OS Retina Navigation Company

“It’s totally intuitive to use. Just switch it on and set the channel.” 

Sector: Medical products

Use: Lectures

Product: TOM-Audio TG-100

Osnabrück service provider - Osnabrück Crematorium

“Our visitors are extremely satisfied. The dialogue function is a plus, as is the light weight of the equipment itself.”

Sector: Public service

Use: Guided tours, seminars

Product: TOM-Audio TG-101

Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung e.V. (FN)

“The combined transport and charging bag is great. Compact and ideal for shipping too.”

Sector: Association

Use: Seminars, training sessions

Product: TOM-Audio TG-100

BDA Bayern e.V. Foundation

“Very easy to handle. We need to watch out that guests don't take the receivers home with them as they are so light.” 

Sector: Culture

Use: Guided tours 

Product: TOM-Audio TG-100


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