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A tour guide system or a mobile loudspeaker? Buy, rent or finance – find your financing model!

We’ll assist you in finding your own BMS Audio system! Whether you’re looking for a tour guide system or mobile loudspeakers: you decide if you would prefer to invest directly or remain as liquid as possible. 

Whether you wish to buy immediately, rent for a specified period or finance in full – our professional partners will help you tailor the most cost-effective quotation to meet your needs. 

Ask about our investment mix!

Are you looking for a tour guide system and need a regular basic stock of receivers and matching handsets? But there are times, like during major events, when this basic stock of equipment is insufficient? No problem! Buy a basic configuration and quickly and easily rent additional receivers to cover busy periods. We’ll deliver the units directly to your venue for the required period of time and arrange seamless return transpo

Payment methods Buy products Rent products Financing



Find your perfect solution from our extensive product range. Conveniently finance the invoice total with a monthly rental fee. The BMS Audio system will be yours at the end of the rental period!



Would you rather have maximum liquidity? When you have a full shopping cart, a financing model can be an attractive way to avoid using up the budget. 



Do you need a tour guide system or mobile speaker system for a limited period of time only? We’ll deliver the required number of units and ensure smooth logistics.




Buy your preferred basic system and quickly and simply rent additional components if you need them! We’ll assist in selecting the most appropriate equipment. Ensure maximum flexibility for your desired configuration.

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Information on our financing offers!

Can I rent a system first and then convert it into a hire purchase later?

Keep it after all?

Have you hired a loudspeaker, tour guide system or our AquaVox from us? If you found you have a permanent need for it and want to retain the system – it’s possible in principle.

Having said that, our rental systems are part of a separate equipment package. This affects the warranty as, firstly, your rental system does not necessarily comprise new equipment and, secondly, the term of any warranty claim needs to be clarified. Get in touch with us and we’ll look at our current rental equipment inventory to establish if your rental equipment comprises new goods and whether it would make more sense to switch to our latest systems.

What happens if I need more equipment during the financing period?

Growth in demand.

If you are already using our financing service and have leased audio systems, it is possible that you may experience bottlenecks during the leasing period. Simply contact us! We are more than happy to produce a new leasing quote for your growth in demand. Regrettably, existing contracts cannot be extended because the new period would have to be recalculated.

Can I terminate financing prematurely?

No longer wish to lease?

Have you leased systems and would like to terminate the contract prematurely? In principle, the agreed terms of the concluded leasing contract apply. Nonetheless, should it be necessary to adapt the contract, we would be happy to put you in direct contact with our leasing partners.

Is it possible to buy the system at the end of the lease period?

Time to say goodbye?

Can you no longer imagine life without our mobile tour guide system or loudspeaker system, but the leasing term is coming to an end? Talk to us! We’ll find an option that will enable you to take over the system at its residual value.

Can I vary my monthly payments?

One amount one month, another the next?

Flexibility is great – particularly when it comes to your liquidity. We have only limited flexibility here as the rental prices and leasing rates are calculated from the investment sum and the term.

Our lease contracts are handled by our financial partners, which is why we have no influence over the conditions of the contract. If you have rented the system from us, in isolated cases we can discuss rental terms and conditions or the rental period.



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Do you need more information? Do you have questions? Would you like to be sure that your financing model is the right one for your budget? We’d be happy to offer free advice without obligation!

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