Hearing assistance

Crystal clear with tour guide systems!

Strike the right chord using induction loops for hearing aids!

Guided tours with groups can become a real challenge for people with impaired hearing or deafness. BMS Audio tour guide systems allow you to individually regulate the volume of the headsets or use our induction loop for people with hearing aids or cochlear implants. This ensures all information is transmitted clearly and without ambient noise directly into the listener’s ear. 

We care!

We want to help improve the quality of life for people with impaired hearing. It’s all about integration rather than exclusion - be it in the theatre, at concerts, on guided tours or at events!

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These products might be what you’re looking for

GroupyCompany for team communication

Comfortable communication in extremely loud environments

Since it can often be very loud in production areas - for example in the steel industry - a normal tour guide system is often not sufficient. For this reason GroupyCompany was developed for team communication.

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for reportage for the blind

TOM-Audio TG-200 for reportage for the blind


With our TOM-Audio TG-200, we offer blind and visually impaired people an effective way to participate in a thrilling atmosphere as they listen to events unfold.

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Digitale Führungsanlage TG-200 - Sender und Empfänger

TOM-Audio TG-200

Digital tour guide system

For everyone who wants best performance: the new TOM-Audio TG-200 eTour runs for over 30 hours. In tourist hot spots, 70 radio channels ensure interference-free transmission.

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Haven’t found the right system yet?

May we help you?

Our colleagues will be happy to help you find the right assistive product. Equipped with specialist knowledge, they carefully consider the intended scenario and requirements the product will have to fulfil. A thorough consultation aims to establish a clear usage profile. Only then does the selection of suitable equipment begin. In addition to the structural and technical details, we are also happy to help you with financing.

Have you considered

  • if you have groups consisting of people with and without disabilities?
  • if your groups tend to be big or small?
  • if you want the system to be mobile?
  • if you will be using the products in the long term?
  • starting with basic equipment and absorb peak loads with rental equipment?
  • testing our devices in advance without obligation?
  • combining our tour guide system with other hearing aid products?
  • if you need help with financing?