Tour Guide System as an App


Tired of being tied down to hardware? ELYSIUM tgs is the solution. Not only does it offer unlimited range, its ability to be used worldwide makes it a serious choice for  maximum productivity.

With over 20 years of experience in the world of group tours, we have developed an app that is a tour guide system. ELYSIUM tgs is the world's first app to offer all the common functions of a  tour guide system in a smartphone environment.

Helpful features such as dialogue and guide-me-home functions are included. Benefit from additional practical functions and turn your tour into a digital experience.

On this page we answer the most important questions about the app, how the license model works or how you can get a quick overview as a guide about the app. Further information can also be found in the user manual.

Register here for the free beta test.

I think the app is very clear to understand. I find sharing the location and sending messages very convenient.

Beta tester: Tour Guide from Hamburg - use on city tours

Your advantages

  • Live translation
  • Highest hygiene guaranteed, by using the own equipment
  • Hugely reduced costs 
  • Minimal organisation required
  • Only your actual usage is charged
  • No empty freight runs or transport costs
  • Available worldwide 24/7
  • No need to hand out, collect or charge devices
  • Unlimited group sizes
  • Unlimited co-guides
  • Guide and guests use the same app - free for downloading
  • No additional registration process for the guest

Quick start as guide

HOW to - beta test

1. Sign up for the free beta test with the form below

2. You will receive your login data as a guide which you must confirm.



3. From receipt of your login data, you can test the app in full for 8 weeks -with unlimited number of 24h-licences.

4. Download the app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It's even easier if you download the app directly to the desired smartphone via the displayed QR code above. You will automatically can be forwarded to the store. Guide and guest use the same app.



5. In order to give you a quick insight into the handling and functions of ELYSIUM tgs, we have created a  user manual.


Tour Guide functions

Voice transfer from guide to guest

Live voice transfer from device to device via mobile internet or Wi-Fi

Integration of additional / local guide / co-guide

Tourist guide can integrate and / or transfer the group to a local guide temporarily

Dialogue function

Guests can ask live questions via App. Question will be streamed live to all group members. Guide needs to activate dialogue function beforehand.

Group management

Distance warning

Warning signal for guests as soon as maximum distance to guide is exceeded. Guide can set maximum distance.

GPS Tracking

Location of group members will be shown on guide’s device

Guide me home

Guide can set GPS location for next meeting point. Guests can get navigation to this location.



Guide can send text messages to group


Guide will be shown distance to each group member listed in tabular form

Sign up for the free test

Sign up for the free beta test with the form below. For questions or suggestions about the app, please send us an email at



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