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Easy to use mobile speaker systems

Your guests justifiably expect the equipment used for your presentation to be perfect. A professional mobile speaker system is indispensable, especially at big events. High-quality microphones – wired or battery-operated wireless – are a must for spoken presentations and music playback alike!

Demonstrate your expertise with well thought-out solutions while taking into account people with disabilities. With our tour guide systems you can make presentations come alive and be ‘visible’, thanks to individual volume control for people with impaired hearing and audio description for visually impaired participants.

Overview of mobile speaker systems

We like to keep things simple!

Our high-quality equipment is easy for the uninitiated to use and also extremely robust. An investment guaranteed to thrill your guests and pay off for many years to come. Find out more about our practical financing models and rental solutions.

These products might be what you’re looking for

GroupyCompany for team communication

Comfortable communication in extremely loud environments

Since it can often be very loud in production areas - for example in the steel industry - a normal tour guide system is often not sufficient. For this reason GroupyCompany was developed for team communication.

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Audioguide GroupyCompany with dialogue functionality

Audioguide GroupyCompany

GroupyCompany – tour guide system & audio guide

GroupyCompany is a special combination device which consists in equal parts of a tour guide system and an audio guide. With this feature, you can speak live and play prepared content in 18 different languages.

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Haven’t found the right system yet?

We ask all the right questions!

Finding the right audio solution for diverse presentations is never easy. Our experts will be happy to help you find the right product. Equipped with specialist knowledge, they carefully consider the intended scenario and requirements the product will have to fulfil. A thorough consultation aims to establish a clear usage profile. Only then does the selection of suitable equipment begin. In addition to the structural and technical details, we are also happy to help you with financing.

Have you considered

  • if the speaker system has the right size for the venue?
  • if you need a wired or wireless system for greater flexibility?
  • if you want to keep different headsets, microphones or even handsets for your guests?
  • if you want to keep basic equipment in stock but cover special requirements with rental equipment?
  • testing our devices in advance without obligation?
  • combining our system with an existing one?
  • if you are equipped with solutions for people with disabilities?
  • if you need help with financing?