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Discovering foreign cultures, exploring new things – you’re guaranteed a host of interesting sights and attractions when taking a bus tour. Give your customers a unique listening experience. Your tour groups will follow the tour guide’s explanations with ease on excursions and guided tours with a professional tour guide system, and everyone can individually set the volume on their receiver to their personal needs. An especially useful feature in locations where you need to speak very softly or where ambient noise is extremely loud.

Provide your guests with exceptional service with the TOM-Audio TG-101. Once the tour guide has activated the dialogue function, participants can even ask questions, unlike with traditional tour guide systems. 

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Our high-quality mobile tour guide systems feature a smart charging and transport system and a wide range of handsets and hands-free headsets. The tour guide systems are easy to use, extremely robust and have a long service life. Practically packaged disinfection wipes keep the equipment in perfect condition on the road. It’s an investment guaranteed to pay off for years to come. Find out more about our practical financing models and rental solutions.

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Tour guide system as an app

ELYSIUM tgs is the world's first app to offer all the common and helpful functions of a tour guide system in a smartphone environment.

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Digitale Führungsanlage TG-200 - Sender und Empfänger

TOM-Audio TG-200

Digital tour guide system

For everyone who wants best performance: the new TOM-Audio TG-200 eTour runs for over 30 hours. In tourist hot spots, 70 radio channels ensure interference-free transmission.

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Tour Guide System TOM Audio TG 100 for minibuses bag

TOM-Audio TG-100 for minibuses

The ideal companion for bus tours with smaller groups

Communicate clearly with this tour guide system, also in minibuses and while driving.

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How should your tour guide system be configured?

You’ll find yourself spoiled for choice. Choosing the right one among the large selection is not so easy. Our colleagues will be pleased to help you put together the right equipment. With their expertise, they’ll analyse the exact solution you require. Only then does the selection of suitable equipment begin. We don’t just consider the technical details – we also assist with financing and rental.

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  • if you require a system that also permits dialogue?
  • if you prefer a mobile charging and transport system?
  • if you would prefer a stationary installation in your coach?
  • starting with basic equipment and handling peak loads with rental equipment?
  • if you would prefer to hire equipment for the season?
  • testing our devices in advance without obligation?
  • combining our system with an existing one?
  • combining our tour guide system with other audio description products?


Our staff are happy to discuss these and other questions with you. Use our check-lists to get even more ideas and suggestions for surprising solutions!