Places of silence

Be heard, even when silence is required!

Tour guide systems enable quiet tours!

Be heard, even when silence is required

Sights attract tourists and people interested in culture. However, it is inappropriate and downright annoying when a noisy guided tour disrupts quiet places like libraries or sacred buildings. You can convey information directly into listeners’ ears with a tour guide system without having to raise your voice. Even whispered speech is easily understood. 

Systems for whispered interpreting

Technology can be fun!

Our high-quality tour guide systems are easy to operate and feature a smart charging and transport system. They are extremely robust and stand out on account of their long service life – an investment that pays for itself.



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Tour guide system as an app

ELYSIUM tgs is the world's first app to offer all the common and helpful functions of a tour guide system in a smartphone environment.

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Digitale Führungsanlage TG-200 - Sender und Empfänger

TOM-Audio TG-200

Digital tour guide system

For everyone who wants best performance: the new TOM-Audio TG-200 eTour runs for over 30 hours. In tourist hot spots, 70 radio channels ensure interference-free transmission.

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  • if you require a system that also permits dialogue?
  • if you need to split groups on a guided tour?
  • if a mobile charging and transport system would be expedient?
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