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Nothing shatters listeners’ nerves than incomprehensible hosts and high-pitched noises from the speakers. Professionally showcase your public department, administration or community without interruptions at seminars, information events, events or on open days. You’ll be perfectly equipped for spoken presentations and music playback with a mobile speaker solution – wireless and battery-operated for enhanced flexibility – and high-grade microphones. Easy to use and featuring robust components – you’re investment is guaranteed to pay off for many years to come.

Mobile speaker systems

Always a step ahead

With audio description, our tour guide systems make presentations “tangible” and “visible” for people with impaired hearing.

These products might be what you’re looking for

TA-100 bluetooth

TOM-Audio TA-100

Mobile speakers with wireless microphone and Bluetooth

Why pick a stationary setup? Stay mobile and have extra freedom of movement with the compact speaker system TOM-Audio TA-100! Robust, modular and very easy to operate - with integrated trolley and powerful wireless microphone.

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PM-55 Lautsprecher mit Mikrofon

TOM-Audio PM-55

Microphone with speaker – small and mobile

Small, portable speaker with wired microphone and built-in MP3 player.

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Tom-Audio TA-1000-XL

TOM-Audio TA-1000 XL

Outdoor sound reinforcement – ideal for sports facilities

Media trolley for sound reinforcement at all indoor and outdoor sports events, club celebrations, festival halls, festival tents, exhibitions.

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Mobiler Lautsprecher TAW-70

TOM-Audio TAW-70

Mobile sound system without cables

The wireless mobile sound system TOM-Audio TAW-70 is the first fully wireless solution for indoor sound reinforcement with central controls.

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Haven’t found your mobile speaker system yet?

We’ll figure out the right solution together!

Our colleagues will be happy to help you determine the right product for your needs. With the appropriate specialist knowledge, they examine the specific requirements of your scenario and what criteria the product should fulfil. We will also be happy to help with financing or rental options in addition to assisting with structural and technical details.

Have you considered

  • if the speaker system is the right size for your venue?
  • if you want to use a conventional wired system or prefer a mobile wireless one?
  • starting with basic equipment and using rental equipment for individual presentations?
  • testing our devices in advance without obligation?
  • combining our system with an existing one?
  • if our tour guide system could be a clever solution for audio descriptions?