Wellness for your pool - the BMS Audio TOM-AUDIO TA-100 AquaVox

Redakteur: K.-A. Zeller           

The BMS Audio portable underwater sound system TA-100 AquaVox is guaranteed to become the highlight of every hotel pool without the need for extensive and costly renovation. The system is extremely easy to operate and can be used for a wealth of applications: aqua fitness, water shiatsu or simply for personal relaxation in the spa.

Guests today expect a lot to be satisfied with a hotel. A simple wet zone with a swimming pool does not set the hotel apart from the competition. Clever concepts are called for if the costly upkeep of a pool is to pay for itself, attract hotel guests into the pool in the evening and transform it into an oasis of well-being. Crailsheim-based BMS Audio’s mobile underwater sound system TA-100 AquaVox easily transforms every pool into a spa zone or extraordinary fitness area without the need for expensive renovation. The system, which comes in a sturdy plastic case, is simply rolled to the edge of the pool and the two shell-shaped underwater speakers are lowered into the pool. The system is designed for a pool measuring approximately 25 to 35 sqm – the ratio of unit size, number of speakers, battery power and sound level is then optimum. Larger systems tend to lose out on mobility or battery life.

Waterproof speakers connected to a conventional amplifier are unsuitable for transmitting sound underwater – not to mention the safety risks involved. An authentic listening experience requires adapting the sound signals to the ear. The TOM-Audio TA-100 AquaVox solves this technical challenge with in-house developed components programmed and calibrated precisely for the purpose of transmitting sound in water. A digital signal processor (DSP) performs the necessary sound corrections and, thanks to its sophisticated electronics, adapts the music’s frequency to the altered acoustic conditions. The processor also has the task of protecting the underwater speakers from overloading. They are fully sealed for use in water and are irreparable in the event of a defect.

Digital amplifiers with their much higher electrical efficiency need less energy than analogue technology, giving the equipment a considerably longer battery service life. The average running time of the TA-100 AquaVox is around 2 hours, depending on the volume. It is operated by a high-performance battery and can be quickly used everywhere risk-free. The design of the unit makes it impossible to charge the batteries while the speakers are in use – it is not possible to play music while charging. Underwater speakers should never pose the risk of an electric shock, which is why there is only a maximum 13 V voltage. This lies well below the VDE’s threshold – what is more, mains-operated underwater speakers also require a safety isolating transformer.

Underwater music primarily enhances any uses in the spa and wellness sector that are intended to alleviate tension, such as aqua-relax or water shiatsu. And, on its own too, underwater music is a real attraction for hotel guests. There are no limits to the music or sounds you select: from whale songs to classical pieces or meditation music – whatever you like. A built-in 2-way loudspeaker is accommodated in the active speaker on castors. This is used to play the same music above water as a cue for staff and trainers. Another use is playing rhythmic beats for aqua fitness, which would otherwise lose their effectiveness in the water, without resorting to the underwater speakers. The modular design of the TOM-Audio TA-100 AquaVox can be extended to connect 1 or 2 wireless microphones and also features connections for other audio equipment, as well as CD/USB/SD card players. A mobile system combines added value with an affordable price – the investment is extremely worthwhile.

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