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// elysium® tgs now also available in the AppGallery for Huawei users

Written by Anna Kollmer  |  KW 44 

As some of you probably know, Huawei users have their own store because Huawei no longer uses Google products. In order not to exclude 240 million Huawei users worldwide, you can now download elysium® tgs from the AppGallery and use them for free. We wish you a lot of fun.

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Written by Anna Kollmer  |  KW 42 |

The 100th anniversary of the death of the composer Max Bruch was in the house. To commemorate this, the ensemble put on a concert of change and sent actors and listeners on an 8km-long search in the footsteps of the composer, who was closely associated with Bergisch Gladbach. City guide Ms. Wirtz accompanied the two groups, each with 30 hikers and 20 singers, and provided information about individual stories from the stations.

"The concept of hiking with singers had made me curious," said one participant. To keep the required distance, elysium® tgs was used without further ado. "About 25 participants put on their headphones and it worked perfectly", Ms. Wirtz states. You can read the detailed article here.

Credit: Karin M. Erdtmann, Kölner Stadtanzeiger 5 October 2020
Photos: Christopher Arlinghaus

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// New look - new logo

Written by Anna Kollmer  |  KW 38  |

From today on we start with our new logo. The new appearance embodies the most important elements of a tour in its visual language: an ear, an one-ear headphone, a map marker. Together this forms an "E". A simple logo with even higher recognition value is our goal.

Over the next time, other visual elements of elysium® tgs will be adapted to our new design direction: the app itself, the website, the advertising. Even if the look changes and moves with the times, the quality is and remains the same.

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// NEw Features - Beta Test 2.0

Written by Anna Kollmer  |  KW 33  |

In the past months we have been working hard with our small team to provide a free beta version 2.0 before the official launch. If you have automatic updates enabled on your phone, you do not need to do anything.

For iOS smartphones, set it as follows:
"Settings" > "[Your Name]" > "iTunes & App Store". Now you can download the app updates activate or deactivate.

For Android smartphones, set it as follows:
In the Google Play Store, open the "Settings" on the left menu page. There, tap "Automatic App Updates" and confirm your selection.


In this version, we have mainly removed technical problems, but also added more features based on feedback from beta testers. The Session-ID as an alternative to the login via QR-Code: A unique Session-ID is automatically generated, which you can send to your guests in advance. Direct contact is therefore not necessary.

Furthermore, the last used login data of the guide is saved, so that you do not have to enter it again and again.
In order to make it easier for you to get started and handle elysium® tgs, we have set up a Help Center where you can find the most important questions about handling apps and the subsequent online account. This can be accessed from the app via the " Legal Notice" via the "Functions", as well as from the online account. Your guest will also be able to access corresponding areas.

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Written by Anna Kollmer  |  KW 11  |

The time has come - the new booklet with detailed information about the app is here. Learn all about the licensing model and how it works. Including a live translation in 10 languages.

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// Live Translation

Editor Jonas Bayerlein  |  Week 42  |  Newsletter No. 7

Here they can serve multilingual groups. This means that the guide speaks language A into his microphone and the language for the guests is translated and output in language B, C or D live. The desired language is selected at the start of the app.

This gives you the possibility to serve different languages within a group and the effort to organize guides with the corresponding language is minimized many times over.

// How to use the short term licences

Editor Jonas Bayerlein  |  Week 41  |  Newsletter No. 6

In this 24h-time period the licences can be used once by one guest. After the group is deleted by the guide, the licences are expired and can not be reused. Example on the left: 10 short term licences for 10 guests for 24 hours

Sample calculcation:
1 short term licence for 24h: 1,00 € (without bulk discount)
10 short term licences for 24h: 10,00 €

10,00 € for 1 tour for 24 h.

You can also mix long term and short term licenses within a group

// How to use the long term licences

Editor Jonas Bayerlein  |  Week 41  |  Newsletter No. 6

In the choosen time period the licences can be used multiple times by different groups one after another. After one group is finished and deleted by the guide, the licences are free to use. For the choosen time period you can guide as many groups as you want, as long as the groupsize does not surpass 10 guests. Example on the left: 10 long term licences for 1 month

Sample calculation:
1 long term licence for 1 month: 8,99 €
10 long term licences for 1 month: 89,90 €

You pay 89,90 € for one month for an unlimited number of guided tours, as long as the group does not consist of more than 10 people.

// Distance warning

Editor Jonas Bayerlein  |  Week 39  |  Newsletter No. 5

Although the range is unlimited, it can happen that a guest loses the connection to the group. For this purpose we have developed the distance warning. However, this must first be activated by the guide.

The guide can select the desired maximum distance in meters (up to 100m) with the slider. Your guests will be tracked by GPS. If a guest is outside the desired distance, he is moved up in your list and the number of meters changes from green to red.

In addition, the guest receives a discreet sound on his ear, which should signal him to join the group again.

// Include a co-guide

Editor Jonas Bayerlein  |  Week 39  |  Newsletter No. 5

Do you have a longer tour ahead of you and a second guide? Or do you have a bilingual tour? With ELYSIUM tgs you can integrate a second guide quickly and easily and start the tour together.

The co-guide must first register as a normal guest. Now select the "+" in the group list. Touch "ADD Co GUIDE" and scan the QR code of the desired co-Guide. The co-guide will now have the same user interface as the first guide. Both guides can now speak to the group at the same time. Both guides use the same user interface on two smartphones.

// Dialogue function

Editor Jonas Bayerlein  |  Week 38  |  Newsletter No. 4

In addition to the classic speech function of a tour guide system, ELYSIUM tgs also offers a dialogue function. This means that your guests can ask you and the group questions during or after the tour.

With the "Talk to Guide" slider the guide must first activate this function. Then the guest can ask the question with the "Talk to Guide" button. The questions can be heard by the guide and the whole group.

// Guide-me-home function - Set a meeting point

Editor Jonas Bayerlein  |  Week 38  |  Newsletter No. 4

Guide-me-home means nothing else than that the guide sets a meeting point and this is displayed on the guests map. In addition, your guests will see a suggested route. The meeting point can be any one that the guide searches for using Google Search and enters a name.

Another option is that you can use the "Current Location" option to show your current location to your guests if guests have lost touch with your group. The meeting point will remain on your guests map until you delete it or enter a new meeting point.

// How to use ELYSIUM tgs as a guide - a short video tutorial

Editor Jonas Bayerlein  |  Week 37  |  Newsletter No. 3

We've created a short video on how to use ELYSIUM tgs as a guide. Please note that the shown video currently affects the beta versions. Therefore, the operation can still change.

Have fun looking!

// Practical group overview

Editor Jonas Bayerlein  |  Week 37  |  Newsletter No. 3

After adding your guests to your group via QR Code Scanner, you can see all guests in your group list. The free selectable name and phone number or room number of the guests will be displayed. The group size is arbitrarily expandable, even during a tour.

At the top left corner ("SUM") you can see your current number of guests. If you have activated the distance warning, all guests within the given radius are displayed under "IN". Guests that are outside ("OUT") will be moved up in your list. The number of meters will change from green to red. Guests outside the radius hear a subtle signal through their headphones and are thus informed.

To remove guests from the group, swipe left and tap "Remove."

// Where are my guests?

Editor Jonas Bayerlein  |  Week 36  |  Newsletter No. 2

In addition to the classic speech function of a tour guide system, the map overview allows you to track your guests from your list. Since the use of ELYSIUM tgs makes direct visual contact to the guide no longer necessary it can occur that your guests may hear you but can't no longer see you and thus lose contact with the group.

By using the track function and selecting the pin on the map, you can see which guest is where and address him specifically during the tour, that he is looking for connecting to the group again.

// Deleting a group

Editor Jonas Bayerlein  |  Week 36  |  Newsletter No. 2

After the end of a tour, it is important that the guide uses the "ungroup" function in the group list to delete the current group. It is not enough to just close the app. Why?

We created a kind of "security network" in case of problems with the app where the app needs to be restarted. In this case the guide don't have to recreate the group by scanning the guests QR-Code again. This means, as long as the guide does not delete the group, the group can be called up again and again from the background. To create a new group for the following tour the guide must delete the previous group.

// guest data - GDPR

Editor Jonas Bayerlein  |  Week 35  |  Newsletter No. 1

The guests login data is free selectable. This means that neither the real name or real phone number has to be entered (GDPR). The important thing is that the guide can identify his guests in the list afterwords and contact them if neccessary. Of course real names and phone numbers are more distinctive, but it can also be entered a room number for example.

// user manual

Editor Jonas Bayerlein  |  Week 35  |  Newsletter No. 1

To help you get started we created a user manual fot the guide and the guest. Guide and guest dowload the same app, but log in with different data. The guide receives the log in data from us.

// Your first steps with ELYSIUM tgs

Editor Jonas Bayerlein  |  Week 35  |  Newsletter No. 1

Did you already download the app and registered as a guide? With the links you can easily reach the corresponding app store.

After downloading und opening the app you log in as a guide. Your guests log in with free selectable dates. After a guest logs in, a QR-Code is displayed which the guide scans with one's smartphone. This is how easily a group can be built.