30 years of BMS Audio - Milestones

Move to new offices

Due to expansion at the operational level, but also to open up new markets worldwide, we have moved. You can find us immediately at the following address:

BMS Audio GmbH
Roßfelder Straße 65/5
D-74564 Crailsheim

Das Unternehmen - BMS Audio

2019 - Death of company founder Thomas Bayerlein

After the sudden death of company founder Thomas Bayerlein, his two children will continue to run the company.

Thomas Bayerlein, Firmengründer

2019 - elysium® tgs starts the Beta-Test

The elysium® tgs app can be fully used and tested for a couple of months.

Logo: Tour Guide System App ELYSIUM tgs ELYSIUM tgs - Get the app

2018 - ELYSIUM tgs

Times change... communication too. BMS Audio is developing the first app to provide all the functions of a tour guide system. ELYSIUM tgs represents a new dimension in group tours and is independent of hardware, transport and use.

Tour Guide App ELYSIUM

2018 - Audio guide & tour guide system in one

BMS Audio rounds off its product range for all kinds of guided tours with the GroupyCompany product, a hybrid consisting of an audio guide and a conventional tour guide system.

GroupyCompany GroupyCompany

2017 - Even longer, even more: TOM-Audio TG-200

BMS Audio extends its range once more, launching the third tour guide system with an even longer battery life. The TOM-AUDIO TG-200 eTour.

Digital tour guide system from BMS

2016 - Digital tour guide system with dialogue function

BMS Audio launches the first bidirectional tour guide system with a query function. The TOM-AUDIO TG-101.

Tour Guide System TOM-Audio TG-101 dialogue functionality

2015 - Digital tour guide system

BMS Audio launches the first digital tour guide system with its TOM-Audio TG-100.

Press tour guide system

2010 Transfer

The business of the sole proprietorship BMS Audio is transferred to BMS Audio GmbH.

2010 - Underwater loudspeakers

Thomas Bayerlein develops the first music system for underwater sound. The TA-100 features a digital amplifier and a digital signal processor (DSP) - with moulded underwater speakers, it forms the basis of the TOM-Audio TA-100 AquaVox.

Buy underwater loudspeakers


BMS Audio becomes an adviser to the Württemberg State Sports Association on everything relating to sound systems at sporting events.

[Translate to Englisch:] Partner des WLSB

2005 - External warehouse

The company’s Asian business is booming. The area around the external warehouse in Unoldsheim is extended to create even more capacity.

2004 - Asia

BMS Audio produces loudspeakers in Asia for the first time.

[Translate to Englisch:] BMS Audio lässt in Asien fertigen


Space becomes cramped: BMS Audio moves into new premises on the Maulacher Strasse in Crailsheim.

2003 - Poland

Demand increases. To meet it, BMS Audio expands capacity and produces mobile loudspeakers in Poland.

2002 - The first tour guide system

BMS Audio enters the market for tour guide systems with the TTS-30.

1995 Relocation

The company relocates its headquarters to Crailsheim.

1992 - Founding of BMS Audio

The time has come: Thomas Bayerlein founds BMS Audio as a sole trader with its head office in Vaihingen an der Enz and specialises in small, portable loudspeakers.

1982 - Harmonic Design

In Stuttgart, Thomas Bayerlein starts out in the production and development of sound reinforcement equipment. As a partner, he is responsible for sales at Harmonic Design.

1981 - Music business

Together with Michael Geissler, Thomas Bayerlein runs Musikladen Geissler & Bayerlein, a music shop in Crailsheim. The focus is on sound reinforcement equipment.


Thomas Bayerlein starts out on a career in sound reinforcement and takes over the technical support of bands at concerts. He is also responsible for system maintenance.