30 years of BMS Audio - Milestones

2019 - ELYSIUM tgs starts the Beta-Test

The ELYSIUM tgs app can be fully used and tested for around two months.

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2018 - ELYSIUM tgs

Times change... communication too. BMS Audio is developing the first app to provide all the functions of a tour guide system. ELYSIUM tgs represents a new dimension in group tours and is independent of hardware, transport and use.

Tour Guide App ELYSIUM

2018 - Audio guide & tour guide system in one

BMS Audio rounds off its product range for all kinds of guided tours with the GroupyCompany product, a hybrid consisting of an audio guide and a conventional tour guide system.

GroupyCompany GroupyCompany

2017 - Even longer, even more: TOM-Audio TG-200

BMS Audio extends its range once more, launching the third tour guide system with an even longer battery life. The TOM-AUDIO TG-200 eTour.

Digital tour guide system from BMS

2016 - Digital tour guide system with dialogue function

BMS Audio launches the first bidirectional tour guide system with a query function. The TOM-AUDIO TG-101.

Tour Guide System TOM-Audio TG-101 dialogue functionality

2015 - Digital tour guide system

BMS Audio launches the first digital tour guide system with its TOM-Audio TG-100.

Press tour guide system

2010 Transfer

The business of the sole proprietorship BMS Audio is transferred to BMS Audio GmbH.

2010 - Underwater loudspeakers

Thomas Bayerlein develops the first music system for underwater sound. The TA-100 features a digital amplifier and a digital signal processor (DSP) - with moulded underwater speakers, it forms the basis of the TOM-Audio TA-100 AquaVox.

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BMS Audio becomes an adviser to the Württemberg State Sports Association on everything relating to sound systems at sporting events.

[Translate to Englisch:] Partner des WLSB

2005 - External warehouse

The company’s Asian business is booming. The area around the external warehouse in Unoldsheim is extended to create even more capacity.

2004 - Asia

BMS Audio produces loudspeakers in Asia for the first time.

[Translate to Englisch:] BMS Audio lässt in Asien fertigen


Space becomes cramped: BMS Audio moves into new premises on the Maulacher Strasse in Crailsheim.

2003 - Poland

Demand increases. To meet it, BMS Audio expands capacity and produces mobile loudspeakers in Poland.

2002 - The first tour guide system

BMS Audio enters the market for tour guide systems with the TTS-30.

1995 Relocation

The company relocates its headquarters to Crailsheim.

1992 - Founding of BMS Audio

The time has come: Thomas Bayerlein founds BMS Audio as a sole trader with its head office in Vaihingen an der Enz and specialises in small, portable loudspeakers.

1982 - Harmonic Design

In Stuttgart, Thomas Bayerlein starts out in the production and development of sound reinforcement equipment. As a partner, he is responsible for sales at Harmonic Design.

1981 - Music business

Together with Michael Geissler, Thomas Bayerlein runs Musikladen Geissler & Bayerlein, a music shop in Crailsheim. The focus is on sound reinforcement equipment.


Thomas Bayerlein starts out on a career in sound reinforcement and takes over the technical support of bands at concerts. He is also responsible for system maintenance.