So small yet so powerful - the digital TOM-Audio TG-100

Redakteur: Kerstin-Alexandra Zeller                        Tour Guide Systems

The digital TOM-Audio TG-100 eTour tour guide system is setting new standards in terms of its size, weight, operating time and comfort. The tour guide system is ideal whenever you need to convey clear information and be understood by a group. Perfect for industry, the service sector, tourism, the hotel sector, local authorities and sporting events.

Be it for customer and visitor tours in production, during audits, as a whispered interpreting system, for commenting on sports events or for conveying instructions from the trainer to the entire team, for guided tours at educational and cultural events, for promotions, or training courses and seminars – our BMS Audio digital tour guide systems are flexible and versatile to use! Whenever loud speaking is inappropriate, when the speaker needs to be clearly understood, when there is a high level of background noise or a larger group is being hosted.

Their ease of handling is what makes tour guide systems so efficient: the entire system comprises transmitters, receivers and the SyncKit, which quickly and easily delivers a grouping function as required. Place the transmitters and receivers in the transport bag, select the required channel using the SyncKit, then insert that into the transport bag’s station too – and you’re done! All groups are switched onto their own channel in this same simple way.

There are 56 channels available for wireless transmission. 16 radio channels lie in the ISM frequency range 863 - 865 MHz and can therefore be used in the countries of the European Union as well as Switzerland and Liechtenstein free of registration and fees. The receiver module is lightweight, weighing only 33 grammes, and has a running time of up to 20 hours. The lithium-polymer battery is fully charged within 6 hours. Charging is accomplished by placing the devices into the charging bag, which also ensures safe transport.

The charging bag is designed for 35 or 50 transmitters or receivers. And if you need more capacity, then a stacking metal charging drawer accommodates up to 60 devices. The plastic charging trolley is the XXL solution for 70 units. All transport bags feature a compartment for microphones and handsets. Every user is guaranteed to find a model that suits them from the extensive range of microphones and handsets.

BMS Audio employs high-quality reusable components to conserve the environment and resources. Only reusable headsets are utilised for the rental of tour guide systems, which are hygienically sterilised after use. As the hardware is consciously designed for a long service life, the equipment also features an interface to update the software, conserving valuable raw materials and energy.

Tour guide system - small and handy