What is a tour guide system?

In simple terms, a tour guide system consists of a transmitter and a receiver. One person speaks into a microphone. The sound pressure produced when speaking is converted by a microphone signal. This signal is transmitted digitally or analogue by radio from the transmitter on a given frequency. The antenna of the receiver picks up the signal and turns it into audible speech. Headphones bring it directly into the ear of another person.

With a tour guide system you can reach any number of people with exactly this technology. A transmitter, which in this case is used by the tour guide, brings information or headphones directly into the ear of an entire group, which can include any number of people.

Why do I need a tour guide system?

Behind every spoken word there is an intention of the station. It wants to be understood. Messages and messages that are sent should reach the recipient directly and without interference. Furthermore, the basis is quite simple: the acoustics must be right.

Does my counterpart not understand me because,

  • the voice is too quiet,
  • there is a hearing impairment,
  • the background noise is too loud,
  • the group I'm addressing is too big,
  • the locality is not acoustically optimal,
  • because only whispering is allowed

...my message isn't getting through.

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