How long is the range?

Not always is further range equally better. Ultimately, guided tours are about keeping the group together. Also, the range of our tour guide systems depends on different factors:

  • Are you outdoors or in a building or even in a basement?
  • What is the environment like outside? Canyons of houses or a wide field?
  • In fact, the weather also plays a role.
  • How many other groups are inaccessible in the same environment, which also use tour guide systems?

With our TOM-Audio TG-100 and TOM-Audio TG-101 with dialog function a range of 50-60m is no problem. Also inside buildings. This is also confirmed by our customers.With the TOM-Audio TG-200 it is possible to increase the transmission power and achieve a range of at least 100m. The question, however, is whether this makes sense.

Try it out for yourself and ask for a free test of our tour guide system.

Further information to the range finds you in our Blog.