Can I change the channels without SyncKit?

Of course, the channels on the transmitters and receivers can also be switched without SyncKit. The SyncKit is a comfortable solution, so that not all channels at the tour guide systems have to be changed individually.

Proceed as follows:

1. Insert the transmitters and receivers to be synchronised into the transport and charging bag (a second generation transport and loading bag is required for this, which was delivered from August 2014).

2. Connect the transport and charging bag to the power supply.

3. Switch on the SyncKit by pressing the power button for approx. three seconds.

4. Now select the desired channel on the SyncKit using the minus and plus keys.

5. Insert the SyncKit into a free loading shaft of the transport and charging bag.

6. The LEDs of the charging bays light up five times in a row. All devices are now synchronized to the selected channel.

Note: Only one SyncKit at a time may be located in the charging bays of a transport and charging bag so that synchronisation can take place.

If you do not have a SyncKit at hand, please proceed as follows:

1. Press the plus and minus button of the device simultaneously for approx. 3 seconds.

2. The key symbol disappears and the channel symbol starts flashing. This indicates that the channel lock has been cancelled.

3. Now select the desired channel with the plus and minus buttons.

Important: The same channels must be set for the transmitter and receiver so that a radio connection can be established.

4. Press the On and Off key to confirm your selection. Alternatively, the channel is stored and locked after approx. five seconds.

5. The channel symbol stops flashing and the key symbol reappears in the display.

Please note: The distance between transmitter and receiver must be at least approx. 30 cm. If the distance is smaller, interference and dropouts may occur.