Can a tour guide system be used for reports for the blind?

A simple answer: Yes!

Together with the AWO Passgenau and their project T_Ohr we have developed a set for reportage for the blind. This was used for the first time at the Men's Handball World Championships 2019 in Cologne. It is also used at SV Sandhausen..

The difference to normal sports reports is that a blind reporter does not tell the story but describes what happens on the pitch. Inclusion is made easy with our TOM-Audio TG-200 for reportage for the blind. The blind and visually impaired people can sit distributed in the audience and hear everything through headphones. Even a fan radio can be operated with it.Thus the matter of course for the participation of visually handicapped and blind people both for themselves, and society as a whole inclusive is promoted and clearly perceptibly expanded.Note: Our TOM-Audio TG-200 for reportage for the blind is with up to 5000€ the Aktion Mensch eligible for promotion!