What makes a good guidance system?

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As self-evident as it sounds, the central function of a people guidance system may be lost sight of a little too much with regard to possible additional features: the transmission of speech.

It must transmit!

BMS Audio GmbH uses digital radio technology for all its products to guarantee clear transmission. Digital versus analog radio technology not only increases the quality of the transmitted speech, but also reduces noise and other suffering of the radio connection to a minimum. If an external interference should affect the connection, not only are there enough channels available to switch to, but channel switching is possible centrally at the transmitter - for all participants of your tour at the same time. Optimal conditions for the best possible audibility.

Useful functions

We rely on radios that are perfectly adapted to the respective application. Each TOM Audio series provides various functions beyond digital radio technology. The TOM Audio TG-101 even offers digital radio in two directions: A switchable dialogue function is available for your guests' queries. The TOM Audio TG-200 impresses with a larger selection of radio channels and a longer range for use in more difficult radio conditions. The TOM Audio TG-100 is the entry into the world of digital people guidance systems and lowers the entry price even further. We will be happy to advise you.

Simple operation

The operability must not suffer under the functions of a people guidance system. For this reason, BMS Audio relies on simple devices with few, clearly arranged operating elements, especially for the receivers. At the same time, this ensures that the devices are pleasantly compact and lightweight. The robust design ensures function at all times. The transmitters also impress with their sophisticated design.

The hybrid

Speaking alone is not enough for you? No problem. Our hybrid device GroupyCompany is a person guidance system and audio guide in one. In addition to the functionality of the person guidance system, the system also has the possibility to play audio files. The sequences can be started, depending on the application, by the visitor, by the guide and even GPS controlled.

The App

The tour guide app elysium® tgs offers all this and much more without any investment in hardware. Information can be found at our partner elysium audio solutions GmbH.

What makes a good guidance system?