Tour guide systems in production – 6 crucial questions

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On what does the use of a tour guide system in your factory premises and in production facilities depend? Ask yourself the right questions to find the optimum product to meet your needs.

The organisers of customer visits or other visitors need to consider whether the background will be noisy or quiet, whether it will be a large group, whether there will be delegations from abroad and whether different guided tours will be spread across the entire factory premises. If you are planning customer visits, visitors or audits, it is essential that you overcome two major challenges: the environment is exceptionally loud and often long distances need to be covered. Tour guide systems help to overcome difficulties in understanding and provide for unrestricted mobility. And, in the context of accessibility, customers and visitors with impaired vision or hearing clearly also need to be integrated. Often the company's reputation is at stake during audits and key presentations.

Group tour guide systems are the perfect solution to prevent difficulties of understanding and hoarse speakers. These small technical aids are already widely used in the tourism sector and it is hard to imagine a time when they were not employed in industrial companies. They need to be small, lightweight and handy, as well as being robust and having a long service life. And ultimately, the investment needs to pay for itself. What other factors need to be considered when selecting an appropriate system?


Lightweight to use

It’s not just about the design – the benefits of tour guide systems need to come into their own particularly in use. Good systems can be operated without the need for extensive instruction and are virtually self-explanatory – both for the participants and also for the person leading the guided tour. Tricky buttons or wobbly sliders can disrupt an entire presentation in the heat of the moment.


The right accessories

People’s tastes vary greatly. Would the tour guide prefer to work with a headset to keep his hands free or rather work with a traditional wireless microphone? We also supply a wide range of handset models. You are guaranteed to have the edge over your competitors if you are able to offer a range of different equipment. You should also carefully check the quotations you receive in terms of the quality of the equipment,  its storage options and the service offered by the supplier (e.g. equipment cleaning). Operating times are a further important criterion.


Storage and charging concepts

How are the transmitters and receivers transported, stored and charged? Do you have a “loose collection” or does the supplier provide bags and cases that can be extended as required depending on the number of devices? Do you need an additional charging station? How long do transmitters and receivers take until they are fully operational again? It also goes without saying that you should only consider solutions equipped with environmentally-friendly lithium-polymer batteries.


How many devices would you like?

Stay flexible! Your own stock of devices quickly comes under pressure especially with visitor guided tours, open days or with larger delegations that also require interpreting. Compatible solutions capable of providing a flexible pool of rented devices offer a smart alternative to stocking a large number of devices yourself. Take a look at our favourable rental conditions complete with delivery and collection service.


So where are you off to?

Splitting groups and reconvening at a meeting point can work very simply with a tour guide system. It’s therefore worth looking at the relevant functions. Switching channels for multiple devices should also be quick and easy to do in the event of a fault.


I have a question...

Inevitable with audits, a bonus with guided tours for customers: members of a group are able to hear important information at their own individually adjustable volume – but they can also ask questions. Systems with feedback/query function cannot fail to impress. It is essential that the function is switched on and off by the speaker as this enables the planned time for a tour to be met and avoids a never-ending round of questions.

However, apart from all the functions, nothing beats the exceptional quality of the systems: the microphones and handsets need to be robust and professionally manufactured. If they are of equal quality, the transmitters and receivers are also guaranteed to pay off for years to come. Exhaustively test your system before investing in it to ensure that you can professionally present your company.



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