Tour guide systems abroad?

The functions of many technical products make them ideal for use abroad, although not all have the correct labels. From a technical standpoint, using the 2.4 GHz frequency is not a problem as it can be used free all over the world. However, any use outside the European Union requires compliance with national labelling and testing obligations. It is mandatory that any equipment operated within the 2.4 GHz range be appropriately labelled for the respective country.

What is CE labelling?

CE labelling is mandatory to ensure that a technical product complies with European requirements. This is also the case with Tour Guide Systemsmobile phones and other equipment with a wireless or internet connection to guarantee its proper functionality.
CE certification is easily obtained by issuing a Declaration of Conformity in advance. The manufacturer declares in this document that the products meet all the requirements of certification. The customer must be able to access this Declaration of Conformity at all times. Once this step is completed, there is no need for further checks on the quality of the equipment. 

CE labelling represents an absolute must for testing and use based on the applicable regulations and constitutes a fundamental requirement for use within the European Union.

How do tour guide systems work abroad?

As other regulations govern the labelling of equipment in countries outside the EU, the use of tour guide systems is strictly not permitted without the appropriate labelling. Admittedly, many manufacturers advertise the fact that their products operate worldwide on 2.4 GHz – however, while technically possible, this is not legal. To use the system regardless, you will need to contact the relevant labelling authority to have the product certified. However, this is associated with high costs and is therefore only rarely done. In contrast, Smartphones and mobile phones are generally certified for every country worldwide.

The reality is a little different for tour guide systems, as the equipment can naturally be used abroad on the identical frequency. As this standard is fundamentally not open to scrutiny with regard to owners or inspectors, generally they tend not to check these guidelines, meaning that technical use outside Germany and Europe is possible at any time.

Joint us in compliance with the European standards

Safety-related technical approval and the right frequency band is required to officially operate our tour guide systems abroad at a radio frequency of 2.4 GHz. Only if both factors are taken into account can technical equipment, such as mobile phones or tour guide systems, be used online outside the EU.
We will be pleased to inform you at any time about the legal details and are happy to be the contact for all companies. The comprehensive labelling of our products to European standards ensures that you can be certain of being legally compliant within the EU.

CE-Kennzeichnung auf der TOM-Audio TG-200