The revolution in the world of communication: Elysium

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Be there when our new ELYSIUM app is launched. Read in our blog about all the functions ELYSIUM offers and how you benefit.

It took precisely two years from the inception of the idea to the actual development and programming of the ELYSIUM app. BMS Audio will be the first company to launch a tour guide system in the form of an app . The idea for an app, the logical development in this day and age, emerged from over 20 years of experience in audio and communication equipment. Your guests’ smartphones become the hardware.

ELYSIUM includes all the functions of an actual tour guide system. The app can be downloaded free from the Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS). <STRONG/> ELYSIUM can be used with a licensing model. This means that every guest needs a licence valid for 24 hours. You only pay for your actual usage.

The new logo for the app is a taste of things to come.  


  • Conventional voice transmission from the guide to the guests, as with a normal tour guide system – the transmitter/receiver principle
  • Other co-guides can be included quickly and easily
  • Elysium also lets you stream audio files and therefore use it as an audio guide
  • The popular Dialogue functionality as offered by our TOM-Audio TG-101 is also easily activated with Elysium
  • The guide can send a text message to all members of a group. Everyone can be informed immediately of any changes to the tour.
  • Using a counter function lets you see that your group is complete at a glance
  • A distance alert is activated if a guest strays too far from the group. The distance can be set as required by the tour guide
  • GPS tracking indicates the location of members of the group on a map
  • The Guide-me-home function permits the guide to enter the next meeting point within the app. Elysium guides the guest to this meeting point.

Be a part of this and thoroughly test the app free of charge.


  • Available at any time
  • Unlimited coverage
  • No interference from other tour groups
  • Useful additional functions
  • Suitable for use worldwide
  • No hardware costs
  • No transport costs
  • Functions seamlessly on mobile networks and Wi-Fi
  • iOS and Android apps are available
  • Simple billing based on usage
  • No idle times to be paid for

Further information and the registration form can be found at

Logo ELYSIUM - Tour guide system as an app
ELYSIUM - Tour guide system app
Elysium start screen