High quality standards for guided tours = High quality standards for your products

Redakteur: Alexander von Kleinsorgen                        Tour Guide Systems, Industry information

Adidas does. Siemens does, too. And Mercedes celebrates it with almost every car sold! Like many other companies, these companies use guided tours to get their customers excited about their very special product. The quality of such a tour depends crucially on the technology used.

The use of a BMS Audio tour guide system not only ensures that every participant of the tour understands all contents clearly at all times, but also shapes the qualitative image of the company among all visitors. This is because customers usually transfer the professional and smooth process of a company tour directly to the company and its products. And, quite incidentally, the uncomplicated process for the factory tour participants also ensures the tour guide's working hours and nerves.


  • Thanks to a tour guide system, your customers don't have to form a tight
    circle. Particularly in noisy operating areas
  • Every word of the guide is clear and easy to understand
  • There are almost no limits to the size of the group any more
  • Whether your visitors are big, small, young or old doesn't matter anymore
  • Even slower or hard of hearing participants can be reached at any time
  • People with disabilities can now be better integrated into your guided tours
  • Even individual solutions are no problem for BMS Audio


  • All information is transmitted crystal clear
  • Your guided tours are as professional as possible
  • Your customers will be convinced by your product
  • The procedure of each tour is simple and uncomplicated

Factory tour by Filtration Group
Factory tour by Trützschler
Factory tour by Filtration Group