ELYSIUM - First presentation of the app at the RDA Group Travel Expo 2018 at Friedrichshafen

Redakteur: Anna Kollmer                        ELYSIUM - Tourguide system as an app

At the beginning of April 2018, the opportunity for visitors to the RDA GROUP TRAVEL EXPO, the leading trade fair for bus and group tourism in Friedrichshafen, convinced themselves of this simple yet efficient solution. At our booth we presented the logical development of the personal guidance system: ELYSIUM.

This offers completely new possibilities of group guiding:

And as an app for your own smartphone.

ELYSIUM can be used 24/7 worldwide and has an unlimited range because it works seamlessly in the mobile network as well as in the Wi-Fi.
With ELYSIUM, group guiding becomes child's play. The app is downloaded in the App Store. After the installation it is possible for the respective user to choose in which function he would like to use the app: As group leader or guest. In addition to their basic function as a conventional passenger guidance system, the tour guide and the group can communicate using the ELYSIUM dialogue function. Another handy feature is the distance warning. As soon as the maximum distance to the guide is exceeded, the guest will hear a subtle warning signal and ask him to re-join the group. The tour guide gets an overview of his travel group and their movements. In addition, there is the option to integrate co-guides into a tour.

With ELYSIUM it is possible for the tour guide to set a meeting place. By GPS, the guest will be guided by app to this meeting place.
Furthermore, ELYSIUM is able to act as a group chat: If a new, changed meeting place is needed, the tour guide can notify all group members by message - annoying phone calls, especially abroad, is therefore superfluous.
And have you ever thought about the hygiene aspect? Since ELYSIUM is used as an app on your own smartphone, this aspect is negligible in the future, since the guest uses his own smartphone and his own headphones. In addition, this means for the tour guide that after completion of the tour no equipment collection, disinfection or charging is required. You can discover this and many more practical functions with ELYSIUM.

Join us and test the new dimension of group tours before the official release: ELYSIUM.

Register here for our free beta test for ELYSIUM. We look forward to you!