Clear communication in meetings despite safety distance

Redakteur: Alexander von Kleinsorgen           

In the current times, a functioning economy is more than ever the backbone of our society. To finance the government's rescue measures through tax revenues and, quite centrally, to secure jobs. And, of course, through the very individual contribution of each company.

You probably can't really hear the name of the virus that is currently haunting us all. "Hearing" - a good keyword: At the moment a minimum distance of 1.5 meters - better 2 meters - is strongly recommended by all official authorities to avoid infection. This makes personal meetings with larger groups of people almost impossible. After all, the telephone conference or video meeting is not always a viable alternative. Sometimes the personal exchange on site is indispensable. For example, when it comes to the presentation and discussion of a production machine or similar.

BMS Audio has the solution here, too: Our TOM Audio TG-101 tour guide system offers a dialog function just like our ELYSIUM tgs app. Communication in both directions is thus possible at any time and independent of a maintained safety distance - even a clear field of view is no longer necessary. The participants of your meeting can at least maintain the recommended distance to the other participants of the meeting and still clearly understand what is currently being discussed. The GroupyCompany system for team communication raises the dialogue to an even more professional level - especially in noisy environments such as production. After the meeting, our disinfecting wipes ensure the hygiene that is currently more than ever appropriate.

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Clear communications in meetings despite safety distance