Bus Tourism Day – Panel discussion with BMS Audio

Redakteur: Anna Kollmer           

Representatives from the industry discussed in detail the issue of travel guides during this year’s Bus Tourism Day, which was held on the periphery of the CMT Stuttgart holiday fair. What qualifications does a travel guide need? What is their legal employment status? To what extent can travel guides benefit from modern communication equipment? How do travel guides differ from visitor and city tour guides?

Mr Schweizer, the Managing Director of Schweizer Reisen, and Mario Hecktor and Mrs Kruck-Hampo, two travel guides, answered these questions and others as part of a panel discussion. Jonas Bayerlein of BMS Audio also took part in the discussion to inform the assembled audience about communication equipment.

A number of contributions from the audience confirmed that the use of Tour Guide Systems is already well established in the tourism sector. There were also several reports confirming the usefulness of the systems.

Mr Hecktor and Mrs Kruck-Hampo agreed that a Tour Guide System assists travel guides enormously in their work. Apart from simply relieving pressure on the tour guide’s voice, guests are able to follow the group leader’s explanations and still have the freedom to look in a shop window or at a photo.

This offers both sides enhanced quality and relaxation during the guided tour.

Panel discussion
Panel discussion
Panel discussion