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Are you planning an Open Day in your company? You’ve no doubt thought of everything: a fitting welcome for your visitors, a varied accompanying programme of events, entertainment for children and, of course, making sure that your key areas are open to visitors.

You’ve taken care to ensure that your visitors have a positive memory of their day – but how will they remember your company? A short tour of your company is unlikely to leave potential customers or potential applicants with a lasting impression. Take the initiative!

Create impressions that last!

Offer guided tours through the heart of your company. Using one of our rental tour guide systems, a member of staff can simultaneously reach a large group of interested listeners. The high-quality systems rely exclusively on digital wireless technology and ensure the speaker is understood perfectly. Our bidirectional tour guide system TOM-AUDIO TG-101 transforms a monotonous guided tour into an interesting dialogue with your guests as questions can be transmitted directly through the system to all participants. Our TOM-AUDIO TG-200 is the marathon runner of tour guide systems: its batteries can cope with the largest number of visitors.

We take care of everything!

Simply tell us when you need the system and we’ll discuss all the details with you. The tour guide system will arrive punctually on your big day, perfectly protected in its charging and transport bag – naturally in a technically and hygienically perfect condition. On request, we are also happy to provide disinfectant wipes for fast yet optimum cleaning of the equipment between guided tours. Are your staff too busy to collect and clean the equipment? That’s not a problem either. Simply book technical support on-site.

Rent instead of buying – the benefits for you:

  • Individually tailored to your event

  • No capital tied up

  • No storage costs

  • Always well-maintained, up-to-date products

Send us an enquiry today. You’ll receive a quotation within one working day.

Company tours using BMS Audio tour guide systems
Tour guide system TOM-Audio TG-101 with dialogue function
Open Days with BMS Audio tour guide systems
Open Days with BMS Audio tour guide systems