Tom-Audio TA-100 AQUAVOX

Mobile sound system TA-100 – Underwater music with no modifications!

The TOM-Audio AQUAVOX is the cheapest solution to conjure up a spa from your pool area. Make your hotel or fitness pool attractive again with an underwater music system. Or use the underwater sound system for your therapy and restoration zone. 

The relaxing effect of underwater sounds has been studied sufficiently. Which is why we designed the underwater sound system so your guests and visitors can easily benefit from the curative effect they provide:

  • Have the AquaVox brought to the desired location,
  • roll it close to the pool,
  • submerge the speaker shells in the water and you’re all set!

TOM-Audio AQUAVOX features:

  • A mobile sound system with integrated trolley
  • Active speaker and 2 underwater speakers
  • Digital Class-D amplifier with digital signal processor for clear reproduction of underwater sounds
  • Integrated CD/USB/SD card player
  • Expandable for the connection of 1 to 2 wireless microphones
  • Connectors for additional audio devices
  • Volume control, switchable ducking

By the way: For your safety, operation is only possible via the built-in battery. When it is being charged, the complete system is automatically switched off. Music cannot be played during the charging phase because of the mains voltage.

When do we recommend renting the AQUAVOX?

As a hotel, physio or rehab facilitypublic indoor and outdoor swimming pool or wellness facility, you benefit from the flexible mobile sound system: Let your patients relax with sound therapy,people looking for relaxation bask in the music, fitness enthusiasts train their muscles with targeted exercises or – thanks to the integrated speaker – indulge in the joy of movement in the water with aqua fitness, water shiatsu or aqua dance. Floating cushions or rolls (noodles) allow bathers to float comfortably in the water. 

If you want underwater music for a limited time and without undertaking modifications! 

Just ask us:

In the therapeutic field, we are happy to advise alternative practitioners and physiotherapists personally on possible uses and rentals.

Rental enquiry

underwather speaker


UHF 404 Radio receiver module

TOM-Audio UHF-404

Radio receiver module

To control wireless devices, you need a radio receiver module for each sound system. We recommend the TOM-Audio UHF-404 16 channel.


  • for installation in the mobile system
  • or in external insert carriers
  • 863-865 MHz frequency range

If you rent the module in addition, then we deliver the system with all equipment installed!

UB-102 Radio receiver module with pocket transmitter

TOM-Audio UB-102

Pocket transmitter for UHF-404

Absolute freedom of movement for the speaker, because the pocket transmitter can be used to control clip-on, ear and headset microphones.


  • incl. mounting clip
  • 16 UHF channels (863 - 865 MHz)
  • Flexible antenna and mini-XLR jack
  • 2 x 1.5 V batteries / rechargeable batteries (AA)
  • 135 g / 70 x 90 x 28 mm

Requires the UHF-404 radio receiver module.

TOM-Audio HS-2101 rugged head set

TOM-Audio HS-2101-B

Rugged sports headset

The microphone for fitness and therapy! The robust neckworn microphone is ideal for fitness trainers and therapists.


  • Omnidirectional microphone 
  • Interchangeable microphone cable
  • Clear transmission even during exercises
  • Incl. wind shield

This headset requires a connection cable for the pocket transmitter.

Tom Audio Wireless handheld microphone UH-102

TOM-Audio UH-103

Wireless handheld microphone

You need a microphone for the speakers! Thanks to its long battery life and direct channel switching, this wireless microphone is particularly suitable for mobile use. 


  • 16 radio channels
  • Selectable on the microphone
  • Approx. 6 hours operating time


Requires the TOM-Audio UHF-404 receiver module!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: +49 7951 9622-200

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