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Tour Guide System TOM-Audio TG-101 Case

Tom-Audio TG-101

Digital tour guide system – exclusive with dialogue function


  • Dialogue instead of monologue
  • 56 radio channels to choose from
  • Central channel switching
  • Easy grouping

 is the perfect tour guide system if you plan to integrate dialogues or question-and-answer sessions into your guided tours!

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TOM-Audio-TG-200 Ladekoffer

Tom-Audio TG-200

Digital tour guide system – the latest generation


  • Extended service life
  • 70 channels / of which 18 EU-wide
  • Central channel switching
  • Easy grouping

The TOM-AUDIO TG-200 is particularly suitable for city tours in Germany. Using national frequencies ensures less interference with other tourist groups who mainly use EU frequencies.

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tour guide system blind rent

Tom-Audio TG-200 for reportage for the blind



  • Up to 100 metres transmission range
  • Top quality transmitters, receivers and accessories
  • Easy grouping

The TOM-Audio TG-200 for reportage for the blind
 is quickly deployed and transports compactly in two cases. The device is also perfectly suited for noisy environments in stadiums, as all information about the sport is passed on directly to blind and visually impaired people via headphones.

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When and why is renting a tour guide system the most sensible option?

  • Is your business seasonal?
  • Do you have to cover busy periods with a Tour Guide System
  • Would you prefer to leave maintenance, updating and storage to the professionals?
  • Would you prefer made-to-measure rental to a one-off investment?
  • Do you need equipment at short notice?
  • Would you like to test the equipment under real-life conditions prior to buying?

Then rental is the straightforward alternative to buying!


  • Rent your Tour Guide System precisely tailored to your rental period,
  • whether you wish to rent for an entire season or a long weekend!
  • You will always remain flexible,
  • as follow-on orders for your guided group tour
  • or repeat orders for accessories for your sound equipment are possible at all times!
  • All tour guide systems are always properly maintained and up to date.

Our employees will inform you which rental tour guide system or mobile speaker system will deliver optimum results. Our colleagues will be happy to advise you without obligation on rental of our equipment.

Procedure for renting

1. Non-binding request

To make an enquiry without obligation, please use our form or contact us in person on +49 7951 9622-200.

2. Offer and Order

We will respond to your request as soon as possible with a binding quotation. You can order the tour guide system or one of our other products from the BMS Audio rental park quickly and easily directly by replying to this email Order bindingly.

3. Delivery to your requested location

The tour guide system or one of our other products will be delivered within Germany and the European Union directly to the address you require.

Your advantage: So you only pay from the first day of use!

4. Collection at your requested location

Upon completion of the tour, guided tour or event, BMS Audio will arrange for the collection of the rented products at the desired collection location (which is completely independent of the delivery location).

Your advantage: You have nothing to worry about!

5. Finalisation

You will receive an e-mail confirming that the rental process was completed properly. The process includes checking that the rental equipment is complete and in working order.

Your advantage: The agreed rental is binding.

Are you looking for an all-inclusive package?

Do you need to cover busy periods?

Do you need equipment at short notice?

Are speed and reliability your top priority?

Are custom solutions exactly what you are looking for?

Is perfectly maintained rental equipment a prerequisite for you?