TOM-Audio PM-55

Microphone with speaker – small and mobile

Small, portable speaker with wired microphone and built-in MP3 player.

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Portable speaker system with microphone 

Your indispensable helper for announcements, speeches, addresses – on the road and at any location. Also well suited for guided tours of all kinds, e.g. city tours, tours at trade fairs or exhibitions and for company visits.

The mobile speaker system TOM-Audio PM-55 is easy to carry by hand or shoulder strap. A lithium-ion battery means the system is very light. It only weighs 2 kg!

A player is already built into the device. Using a USB stick or SD card, you can play music to initiate or accompany your event. If you do not want to talk continuously, supplement the program with recorded speeches.



The speaker can be mounted on a stand if an address will be held at a predetermined location. The small speaker system is also highly useful for small indoor and outdoor ceremonies, award ceremonies, ground-breaking ceremonies and staff briefings.

The 2-way speaker impresses with natural, brilliant and clear speech transmission. With an output of 35 watts, the system also covers a wide radius off-road. Easily call late excursionists to the bus and make sure no one is left behind, even when touring a construction site: the participants stay together and the group hears what you’re saying.

Powerful and lightweight with distortion-free, long-range sound reinforcement for better communication in smaller groups.


Attention: Radio microphone/radio receiver currently not available.


Microphone clamp


Microphone clamp

Tiltable microphone clamp for mounting the radio handheld microphone on a microphone stand

Microphone stand MIC-5C


Microphone stand

Height-adjustable microphone stand with microphone boom

  • Folding feet, extremely stable
  • Material: Plastic, steel and aluminium
  • Height: 960 - 1450 mm
  • Weight: approx. 1.5 kg
  • Colour: matte black
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