Informational and other events are the order of the day in the healthcare sector. Provide the perfect speaker set-up! Our mobile systems are suited for presentations and music playback alike. Ultra-simple to use – with in-depth instructions a given! 

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Invest in our audio systems and you’ll get high-quality solutions that deliver real added value! Make the most of our knowledge and expertise when it comes to professional sound systems. Our mobile speaker systems are designed for maximum flexibility, ease of use and durability.

We have come up with lots of innovative ideas about how you can offer your patients and customers even more service, especially in therapy and healthcare. Just ask us: It is with good reason that we employ top professionals in audio solutions and their applications to help and advise you.

  • Flexible audio systems for all manner of therapy programmes
  • High-quality mobile rental options for one-off events
  • Smart financing solutions
  • Professional expertise for even more ideas on how to use our audio systems
  • Professional components for a long service life

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All acoustic solutions must be safe, reliable, easy to transport, flexible to use and good value for money. We have a series of models for financing and to rent in our range – helping you stay as flexible as our sound systems!

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We want you to be satisfied and happy with your investment for years to come. Consequently, everything begins with a comprehensive consultation to establish your precise requirements. This lets us put together the right solution from our audio equipment range.

Naturally, we are happy for you to try out our products in advance without obligation. Simply ask our professionals and get some smart ideas on even more versatile uses free of charge!