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Technology for blind reporting

Our redesigned TOM-Audio TG-200 delivers a barrier-free experience. It enables blind and partially sighted people to actively participate in sporting events and experience the atmosphere at first hand. Blind reporting does not provide a commentary but rather the blind reporters convey what is happening on the playing field. They describe the game in detail, and listeners hear their report via the headsets. Our technology is intuitive to operate and simple to use. 

Our kit was used for the first time at the 2019 Men’s Handball Championships. This video shows you what it was like.

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Tour guide system for audio description

There are some 155,000 blind and 500,000 visually impaired people living in Germany alone. Reason enough to pay attention to this group of people. Our tour guide systems enable visual elements to be conveyed transparently and vividly to visually impaired people at events, on guided tours, in presentations or at seminars. For instance, they can be used to follow the action on the stage in a theatre as well as the dialogue, and also at sporting events. Visual description also represents a smart solution for people who are not on location. 

Invisible assistants

Our tour guide system is ideal, especially for groups that include people with and without visual impairment. Programme points can be commented on differently using the easy to use grouping function. 

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for reportage for the blind

TOM-Audio TG-200 for reportage for the blind


With our TOM-Audio TG-200, we offer blind and visually impaired people an effective way to participate in a thrilling atmosphere as they listen to events unfold.

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Digitale Führungsanlage TG-200 - Sender und Empfänger

TOM-Audio TG-200

Digital tour guide system

For everyone who wants best performance: the new TOM-Audio TG-200 eTour runs for over 30 hours. In tourist hot spots, 70 radio channels ensure interference-free transmission.

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