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Wellness in indoor and outdoor pools

Relax with underwater speakers

Transform your indoor or outdoor pool into a wellness centre or fitness zone without needing renovations. Our AquaVox mobile underwater speaker system lets you offer pool guests a real highlight. For aqua fitness, sound therapy or aqua aerobics. The system is simply rolled to the edge of the pool and the underwater speakers are lowered into the water. As the system are battery-powered, all participants are completely safe.

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Handling made easy

Our high-quality systems are easy to use – brief instruction is all that’s needed. The system is extremely robust, mobile and offers a long service life. An investment guaranteed to pay off for years to come.

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underwather speaker

TOM-Audio TA-100 AquaVox

It’s this easy to make your bathing area really attractive!

Cost centre or crowd-puller? Our underwater sound system turns your pool into a gym, therapy pool or spa - without any costly modifications!

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How can you create real added value for your community in public pools without major expenditure? Our experts will be happy to help you find the right product. Informed by many years of expertise, they will analyse exactly which solution you require and the criteria it needs to fulfil. Once this is established, they work with you  to select suitable equipment. We will be happy to work out if leasing, purchasing or rental is the best option for you.

Have you considered

  • increasing utilisation of your indoor and outdoor pools with additional classes?
  • generating additional income by hiring out to external providers?
  • starting with basic equipment and relying on rental equipment for special events?
  • trying out our systems in advance?
  • combining our systems with existing equipment?