A new approach to physiotherapy

Underwater music creates added value

Patients today expect more than just conventional physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Holistic concepts are in demand, ones that offer patients an added value beyond mere pain relief and improved mobility. Our underwater speaker system lets you easily transform all pool therapies into experiences of true relaxation without undertaking modifications – be it sound therapy, aqua rehabilitation and relaxation, water shiatsu, healing dance and other therapies.

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For extra mobility

Our group tour guide system with wireless headset is perfect for sports classes and provide maximum freedom of movement as you demonstrate exercises to participants. And patients with impaired vision and hearing can also take part in preventive classes, thanks to clever technology. Our professional audio solutions are intuitive to operate and stand out on account of their long service life. An investment that pays for itself. Have you seen our smart ideas for financing and rental?

These products might be what you’re looking for

underwather speaker

TOM-Audio TA-100 AquaVox

It’s this easy to make your bathing area really attractive!

Cost centre or crowd-puller? Our underwater sound system turns your pool into a gym, therapy pool or spa - without any costly modifications!

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We are experts – which is why our employees spot-on questions. They enquire about the application the system will be used for. Once all the details have been clarified, including venue characteristics, frequency of use, purpose and technical requirements, they select matching equipment and may even come up with some new ideas.. We discuss all spatial and technical details – and are also happy to help with financing.

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  • if aquatic classes could add to the appeal of your prevention and rehabilitation offers?
  • if your speaker system needs to be portable for easy transport to different locations?
  • buying basic equipment and covering peak periods with rental equipment?
  • trying out our audio systems in depth without obligation together with your colleagues?
  • combining our system with existing components?
  • if a tour guide system would give you extra mobility and enable you to involve people with disabilities?